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The company’s main publication in the area of puppets, theatre and literature , are various articles in magazines and books written by Idalberto Fei.

Idalberto Fei brings a regular cooperation with some review :
BOCCASCENA” that covers visual theatre directed by Eugenio Monti Colli; with CAPITOLIUM the official review of Rome and NUOVA ARMONIA, RAI’s bimonthly; and also writes fairy tales Annali in Italian.

The books are

IL TEATRINO DELLE MERAVIGLIE - published by Mursia, which holds a simplified version for the schools representing the first text produced by the Company; all texts in full version, from 1979 until today are kept at IL BUCARDO, the theatrical Library of Rome, run by SIAE;

BURATTINI A ROMA - Minimalist theatre from Petronio to Podrecca, published by Palombi, a short story of puppets theatre in Rome;

E VISSERO FELICI E CONTENTI - The good night fables and fairy tales first transmitted by Radio2 were then published by RAI-ERI together with a tape containing the fables and the songs by Luciano Francischi;

IL QUARTO RE MAGO (the Fourth King) - According to an old legend, a Fourth King tried to visit the new born Jesus, but he arrived too late. The book will be published by EMMEBI with a CD containing the complete Vatican Radio version.illustrated by Laura De Luca;

CAVALLI CHE CORRETE IN PIAZZA QUANDO E' ESTATE - Legends and new fairy tales about the animals of the Medieval town of Siena. With an introduction by Emilio Ravel, pictures by Antonella Cappuccio.
The book, by EMMEBI, will have an English version.