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Lazzarino, la cesta e il drago - The play

Lazzarino: the Basket and the Dragon
a puppet show
by Idalberto Fei

From a daydream comes this fairytale, beginning on the night of a big party when Lazzarino, not wanting to partake in the festivities goes to bed, wanting instead to be alone. But here in his bedroom appears a big Basket that opens, vomiting frightening monsters everywhere around him.
At dawn the monsters have disappeared but the basket however is still there and it follows Lazzarino like a dark shadow as he tries to escape into the world.
Then after a series of extraordinary encounters – the Fog, the Clouds, the Sun, a magic Cat, and the Dragon – Lazzarino finally succeeds in overcoming his fear and finds joy.

The soundtrack with original music by Alessandro Molinari.