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L'impresario delle Canarie - The play

Music Interlude in two parts
by Pietro Metastasio

music by Giovan Battista Martini

Venice, 17th century. The beautiful and buxom singer Dorina is about to make her debut, the very evening, in the Opera Cleopatra. And now a strange guy introduces himself to her. His name is Nibbio and he claims that he is the manager and the owner of a big theatre on the Canary Island. He is also an author and certainly he is a warm admirer of the beautiful Dorina. He would engage her at any price. Between the arias and the trills, Egyptian Sphinx and colored slaves, mischievous maids and impossible contracts, the story goes on but at the end…

At the request of the director of the Soprintendenza delle Belle Arti di Roma, and for the event of the exhibition “Sogni e Favole” dedicated to Metastasio in the Museum of Palazzo Venezia, this interlude was also represented at Mittelfest, in the show of Marionette Colla of Milan, in the American Academy in Rome, and, most recently in the framework of Pergolesi Spontini Festival, with the group of chamber music Sonorum Concentus directed by Federico Amendola with the singers Barbara Di Castri and Federico di Pasquale.