versione italiana

Il Gatto del Siam - The play

by Idalberto Fei
music by Antonio Lauritano
puppets by Emanuela Fei
scenes by Mariolina Camilleri
voices: Giorgio Locuratolo, Martine Brochard, Giorgio Albertazzi, Paolo Poli, Maria Monti, Ernesto Calindri, Angiola Baggi, Beppe Chierici, Massimo Fedele...

The Tv version of the work was broadcasted by RAI, DE, TV Luxembourg and by RTSI Suisse.

In a bottle carried by waves a mermaid discovers “The fables of the Cat named Pedro”.
The first fable tells us why the Siamese cats have coffee-coloured tails and paws. It is an old story, and we are told about a quarrel between the king of Siam and his beloved cat, because of a jealous snake called Jago. We are also told about a throne, about the beautiful Khan na bon of the Orient, about a coffee pot called Maria my own (after a song by Ernesto Lecuona) which is thrown on the head of our cat.