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The theatre Company, Il Laboratorio, specializing in puppet theatre, was founded in Rome in 1979. The company has performed in theatres, schools, museums and on TV. It has participated in Festivals such as Mittelfest, Pergolesi, Spontini, Festival International de la marionette de Tunis and Marionette Colla in Milan.

Artistic Director of the company is Idalberto Fei (see Wikipedia), writer and Director, who won the Prix Italia 1999 with a text by Federico Fellini, the Prize of Zecchino d’Oro in 1998 for the best lyrics for children He continues his work for Radio RAI and he has been published by Garzanti, Sellerio, Palombi, Mursia, RAI-ERI, EMMEBI Firenze and his work has been translated into seven languages.

The repertoire spans from Fei’s tales, including, “Angelica”, “Il Gatto e Il Lupo”, and “Ali e Il Serpente”, to such classics as, “Gatto Mammone” and “Little Red Riding Hood”, to masterpieces of fiction like, “Les tribulations d’un chinois en Chine”, by Jules Verne, presented in 1985 at the Museo Nazionale of Eastern Art in Rome, to “El licenciado Vidriera, by Cervantes, and “Alhambra” by Washinton Irving to jewels of the opera like, “L’impresario delle Canarie” by Metastasio, music by G.B. Martini and “L’impresario de Maese Perdro” by Manuel De Falla.

Paolo Poli, Andrea Camilleri, Giorgio Albertazzi and Sandra Milo gave their voices for the soundtracks.

The company continues its work in theatres, schools, television studios, museums, and for a number of festivals while it also conducts an ongoing workshop for children.

The company is composed of artists, teachers and technicians. In addition to the founders (Maria Giulia Barberini, Emanuela Fei, Claudia Gabrielli), it also includes Antonella Cappuccio, Roberto Di Simone, Giovanna Mandillo, Alessandro Molinari, Norman Mozzato, Gabriella Tomassetti e Maurizio Trisciuzzi.