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Angelica, il gatto e il lupo - The play

Fable with puppets, keyboard and narrator
by Idalberto Fei

music written and played by Alessandro Molinari
narrator: Norman Mozzato - singer: Livia Asenberg

A fable in a Nordic setting, tells how the fair Angelica becomes Queen thanks to her friendship with the king of the wolves; a story that underlines how important it is to be faithful to your word.
The soundtrack is alive: keyboards, accordeon, percussions and song: the puppets are animated by the children who have also drawn the scenes.
A winter night, Russia under the snow, a Cat appears in the dream of a little girl, Angelica with goldy plaits, ordering her to leave her home, with the baby brother and to go to a big city before the sun rises.

Angelica obeys, climbs on the sledge, pulled by four reindeers of gold horseshoes and horns and she leaves, but only thanks to the help of the frightening King of the wolves she manages to get to her destination. In exchange she promises to the Wolf her eternal gratefulness, and the promises must be kept. Once in the Big City, the simple country girl is crowned Queen.

Years go by, Angelica has become a woman. Autumn night, a big eagle Knocks at her window: the king of wolves is in great danger, he needs help immediately.

Angelica runs to him, to keep her old promise. Because promises must be kept.

The fable has been published in the book “ E vissero felici e contenti” by Idalberto Fei and Maria Teresa Ruta